Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to create a Cool Username

If you want a creative, catchy or Cool Username you have come to the right place to get you started. It can be quite hard to create an original username, without a bunch of numbers, that matches your personality. Using some of the ideas here it could help you create the BEST username ever! Or you could just choose one from the list of cool user names.

(1) Using Abstract Phrases
I'm sure you can think of something more original, funny or just weird but here are a few ideas for creating a cool username.

1. AtTheGates
2. GetAwayFromMe
3. BangTheMan
4. ThatCostsMoney
5. HardLuckKido
6. BabyComeBack
7. YouAgain
8. KissDaGirl
9. HeSaidSheSaid
10. DownSideUp

(2) Using Contradicting Words
Use 2 words that are complete opposites or just don't make any sense together. This is a great technique to create an original username.

1. Luke-warm_Enthusiasm
2. Dark_Light
3. Silent_Explosion
4. Transparent_Opacity
5. Black_Sun
6. Square_Wheel
7. Square_Ball
8. Tall_Midget
9. Loud_Whisper
10. Old_Baby
11. Cheerful_Pessimist

(3) Sustitute Letters For Numbers or Symbols
Use '3' istead of 'e' or a zero instead of the letter 'O' etc. Gamers tend to use this quite a lot.

1. Pr!ncess
2. 5hadow
3. Sw33t
4. K1ng

Random List of Usernames
Hope these usernames will give you a few ideas....

* Fuzzy_Logic
* New_Cliche
* Ignoramus
* Stupidasole
* whereismyname
* Nojokur
* Illusionz
* Spazyfool
* Supergrass
* Dreamworx
* Fried_Sushi
* Stark_Naked
* Need_TLC
* Raving_Cute
* Nude_Bikergirl
* LUnatick
* Garbage Can Lid
* Crazy_Nice
* Booteefool
* Harmless_Venom
* Lord_Tryzalot
* Sir_Gallonhead
* Boy_vs_Girl
* MPmaster
* King_Martha
* Spamalot
* Soft_member
* girlDog
* Evil_kitten
* farquit
* viagrandad
* happy_sad
* haveahappyday
* SomethingNew
* 5mileys
* cum2soon
* takes2long
* w8t4u
* askme
* Bidwell
* massdebater
* iluvmen
* Inmate
* idontknow
* likme
* lostmypassword
* kizzmybutt
* hairygrape
* Poker_Star

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