Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to Create a Cool and Funky Username

Do you need a COOL and FUNKY Username? If you need a bit of creative stimulation in creating a cool username then custom car licence plates are great for ideas. Below is a list of a few plates I found. Some use numbers instead of letters/words or remove the vowels from words etc. Some even use deliberate misspelling of words.

If you are into tennis then here is a few ideas.
  • 10SNE1 Tennis, anyone?
  • 10SPRO Tennis Pro
Some other cool ideas. Some are genius! Others are funny and some are just weird or silly.
  • O2BEME O' to be me!
  • 14U2C One for you to see
  • 187 187 is a police code for murder in the USA
  • 1DFOAL Wonderful
  • 1DN1TGO One down, one to go
  • 1HNGLO Umm, use this if you are a guy and only have one testicle.
  • 1NTSTND One night stand
  • 1UPONU One up on you
  • 26E4U Too Sexy for you! Gotta love this one
  • 2BENVD To be envied
  • 2COY4U Too coy for you
  • 2DUM2NO To dumb to know.
  • 2HI4U Too high for you
  • 2M8OS Tomatoes
  • 4QU2 F*CK you too
  • 6UALDMN Sexual demon
  • 6ULDV8 Sexual deviate
  • 6ULRGG Sexual urges
  • AQTU12 A cutie, you one too?
  • AQTU12FUC Eh cutie, you want to F*CK?
  • AU_DIGGER Gold Digger
  • CUM55X Cum 55 times!
I hope the above list will give you a few ideas for creating your unique and cool user name. If not then I hope you at least got a laugh from a few of them. I will add a new post shortly with some more.

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